Multi Sport Strength and Conditioning

MS Multi Sport Strength and Conditioning is a program that we use here at Oregon CrossFit to prepare younger athletes(6th-12th grade) for their sport, or as a supplement/replacement to their PE coursework.

The curriculum emphasis proper body mechanics and builds an athlete through gymnastic progressions and body weight movements first. As the athlete progresses so do the workouts and movements. Along with your athlete building up their physical body we see positive changes in their character, confidence, leadership, and integrity.

We are willing to train any athlete that is willing to get in here consistently and train.

MS S&C program meets Monday and Friday at 3:30pm and Wednesday at 1:30pm. The training sessions last 1 hour.

Please read this about training younger athletes: Strength Training for Young Athletes

The cost of the program is $80 a month. All memberships are auto renewing and require 30 days notice(by email) to terminate. Please email inquiries about getting started to