Two workout Sunday Funday

Sunday, September 17

WOD1: WOD1: 3 rounds for time 10 pull ups, 20 push up, 30 air squats for time. Rest 5 minutes

WOD2: 3 rounds for time: 12 deadlift 155/115, 9 hang power cleans, 6 push jerks

Recovery: Coaches choice


Ascending interval

Friday, September 14

WOD: Friday, September 15 WOD: Complete 5 burpee, 10 d/u, 5 box step up or box jump complete in 1 minute. Next minute add 10 d/u and complete again. If you miss before 5 minutes, go down by 10 d/u and go again until you are making rounds. Go until you are not able to complete the work in the minute interval or 10 rounds.

Strength: 1 rep max effort, axel/fat bar push press

Recovery: 1:00min total time hang from pull up bar


Thursday, September 14

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Sandbag to shoulder or dball over should, Assault bike calories workout courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin. There is a 150# strongman bag, 100# strongman bag, 100# dball, 70# dball, sandbags are 80#, 60# and 40#

Strength: :5x5 Front Squat @ 75%, In between each set complete 8 box jumps to a height you can maintain for all 40 jumps. If no jumps do banded power swings with kb for 8 reps

Recovery: Foam Roll

squat thrust, hang db power clean, db push press

Tuesday, September 12

WOD: Every minute on the min for 12 minute: 3 DB squat thrusts, 6 Hang DB Power Cleans, 9 DB Push Press. Complete all movements in order and rest remainder of minute. Workout courtesy of, Record db weight used for workout.

Strength: 12x2 Push Press @ 75% of 1RM Push Press

Accessory: Between each set of Push press complete either 20 hollow rocks or 20 supermans

Recovery: 1:00 min hang from pull up bar​