Wednesday, January 23 2019

WOD: 4 rounds NFT - 6 wall walks - 6 Turkish get ups - 6 box jumps (high box if possible) - 2 forward rolls on gymnastic mat

Strength: 6x2 Front rack barbell lunges (not for max but for technique practice)

Recovery: 50 cal assault bike nose only breathing

Open WOD 14.1/11.1

Tuesday, January 22 2019

WOD: Open WOD 14.1/11.1 10 min AMRAP 30 double unders, 15 power snatches 75/55

Strength: 10x3 Strict Press @ 60% of 1RM Strict Press

Accessory: 4x12 Supine Ring Rows

Recovery: 1x100 standing banded face pulls with the banded low on the pull up rig

Descending Reps

Monday, January 21 2019

OC is on a normal schedule for MLK day.

Coming soon a Mobility Course on Wednesday's at 6:30pm - read about it here

WOD: 30-20-10 Alt DB Snatch 50/35, Pull ups, Calories on Assault bike

Strength: Work up to a heavy set of 8 good morning w/ speciality bar

Accessory: 3x12 DB DB Front Squat

Recovery: 2 rounds each leg -20x each movement - dog pees on fire hydrant and donkey kick backs


Sunday, January 20 2019

WOD: 21-15-9 KB Snatch (each arm 21 reps) - Power cleans 135/95, Jumping lunges(each leg)

Strength: 4x2 Sumo Deadlift with a pause at the knee 75% of 1RM Sumo Deadlift

Accessory: 3 rounds - 25 glute ham bridges with hip circle, 25 side steps with hip circle on, 25 forward and backward steps with hip circle on

Recovery: coaches choice


Saturday, January 19 2019

WOD: “Angie” 100 pull up 100 push up 100 sit ups 100 air squats

Accessory: After workout - 1 round of the following - 50 banded good mornings, 50 banded tear aparts, 50 laying on side rear delt raises on each arm

Recovery: coaches choice

Angie: AngieFor time: 100 pull-ups 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats

3 Rep Max Strict Press

Friday, January 18 2019

WOD: 4 rounds NFT: ME Handstand push ups (strict or kipping), Ring dips or p-bar dips or matador dips, :30 kipping swing, :30 plank

Strength: Work up to a 3 rep max strict press

Accessory: 4 rounds - 20 straight arm lat pull downs

Recovery: 1x100 db roll back extensions - use light weight and try to get them done in a row

Every 4 Minutes for 20 Minutes

Thursday, January 17 2019

WOD: Every 4 minute for 20 minute, 10 db power cleans 50/35, 10 box jump overs 24/20, 10 T2B rest

Strength: 6x3 Back squat to a box at parallel @ 85%

Accessory: 2x20 weighted front rack lunge steps

Recovery: 1x50 banded good mornings

Max Effort Strict Pull-Ups

Wednesday, January 16 2019

WOD: 6 rounds NFT - Max effort strict pull ups- double front rack kb walks in middle training area - Crab walk forward on even rounds - crab walk backwards on odd rounds

Strength: 4x10 Scottish Get ups, 4x10 strict leg lifts

Recovery: 1k row nose only breathing


Tuesday, January 15 2019

WOD: “Grace” 30 Clean and jerks for time 135/95

Strenth: 10x2 Push Press @ 75% of 1RM Push press

Accessory: 2x50 banded tear aparts, 2x50 banded face pulls

Recovery: 1:00 each plank position - elbows, arms extended and each side

Grace: Grace30 clean and jerks 135/95 is the prescribed loading - Complete for Time