5 rounds - wall balls - pull ups - handstand push ups

Friday, July 21

There is a silent auction starting today to raise money to fund Carly's trip to the CrossFit Games. The way the silent auction works is you put down your phone number and your bid, the highest bidder by Friday, July 28th wins. We have a big variety of prizes. If you have questions please post to comments.

WOD: 5 rounds for time, 20 wall balls 20/14, 15 pull ups, 10 HSPU(scale db PUSH PRESSES) 15 min time cap

Strength: 1 rep max bench press

Accessory: 1x me ring dip, pbar push up, ring push up, or matador dips

Recovery: 1:00plank

Bench Press: Bench Press

30, 1k, 30

Wednesday, July 19

WOD: 30 DB Clean and Jerks, 1k row, 30 alternating db snatches (loading is up to you, should take 3-4 minutes to do the jerks and another 3-4 mins for snatches, could be different weights)

Strength: Work up to heaviest single Turkish get up on each arm in 10 minutes

Recovery: Foam roll

Turkish Get up -RH : Turkish Get up -RH Right handed Turkish Get up. Start on the ground with a kb, dumbbell, or barbell and proceed to a standing position

Turkish Get up - LH : Turkish Get up - LH Left handed - using a kb dumbbell or barbell work from a seated position to a standing position.

Every 2 minutes

Tuesday, July 18

WOD: Every 2 minutes for 22 minutes, 20/15 assault bike calories, 10 chest 2 bar(scale the number if necessary but try to keep with chest 2 bar, start with the highest number you can do in that window, if you miss 10 try to stick with 8 for as long as possible and so on but don't go back up)

Strenght: 8x2 Push Press @ 80% of 1RM Push Press

Recovery: 30 V- Ups

50 on down

Monday, July 17

Wod: WOD: 50-40-30-20-10 Lunges 53/35 kb front rack lunges 1kb (each step counts) abmat sit ups or ⅓ GHD sit ups(15,12,10, 7, 3)

Strength: Strength: 8 rep max good morning (starting from pins, complete around 20 reps total)

Recovery: 1k row