Assault bike and dumbbells

Friday, Nov 17

WOD: 40/30 cal assault bike, 40 CTB, 20 DB push jerks 50/35, 40 pull ups, 40/30 assault bike (18 min time cap)

Strength: Snatch grip behind the neck press + snatch grip push press (if shoulder issues work press + 3 push press)

Accessory: 3x30 bent over flies thumb facing each other

Recovery: Foam Roll

Behind the neck, snatch grip press : Behind the neck, snatch grip press behind the neck snatch grip press. use no legs its a strict press.

Snatch Grip behind the neck push press: Snatch Grip behind the neck push presspush press with a snatch grip behind the neck for a 1RM


Sunday, Nov 12

WOD: 100 American swings 53/35, 100 goblet squats 53/35, 100 calorie row, 100 American swings

Strength: 5x5 bench press(heavy, whatever grip)

Accessory: Handstand holds x3 or static holds overhead with either a bamboo bar or barbell



Wednesday, November 8

WOD: In 25 minutes complete the following in any order: max effort burpees 1 minute, max effort T2B in 1 minute, max effort strict pull ups, 2 minute max abmat sit ups, 2 minute max air squats. Best way to do it is get a partner who keeps your count so that you know where you are. Record your scores on the website!

Gymnastic Prep: 10 minutes working on handstand hold or walks

Accessory: 3x25 banded upright rows

Recovery: 1x50 scissor kicks, 1x50 flutter kicks

1 minute max burpees : 1 minute max burpees max burpees in one minute

2 minute max abmat sit ups : 2 minute max abmat sit ups two minutes of abmat sit ups

1 minute max effort T2B: 1 minute max effort T2Bmax toes 2 bar in a one minute window

Strict Pull ups : Strict Pull ups Strict, no kipping pull ups.

2 min max air squat : 2 min max air squat two minutes of air squats, hip crease below parallel